Last Sunday Nov. 3rd I was visiting the yearly Helsinki Antique Fair and in addition to many lovely things displayed and sold my eye spotted this lovely little detail a tassel made from old vintage Indian silk saris and coloured by hand with organic colours. The keys belong to an old wooden rustic antique locker. Simple and beautiful.

Vintage Tassle

Tassle made of vintage Indian sari

Scandinavian vintage rag rug from the 40's

Scandinavian vintage rag rug from the 40′s

I’ve always hade a passion for Scandinavian Vintage Rag Rugs. Hand made out of recycled textiles like clothes and bead linen – very eco chic.  To me Rag Rug is more of a concept, representing a unique chic, boho style in todays’ contemporary homes. The Scandinavian Rag Rugs that inspires me the most are made in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark in the 20′s, 30′s, 40′s and 50′s.

I love the vintage feel the Rag Rug, the beautifully faded color palette, the patterns, the soft washed feeling. Each Vintage Rag Rug has a history, tells a story and is a reflection of the craftsman (lady) who made them. I inherited few Rag rugs from my grand mother and I cherish those rugs with great love and warmth.